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Lanterns on the Lake Spook the Herd Bella Union 2020 Viola, violin

Hello Cosmos Run for President [EP] Cosmic Glue 2019 Violin, vocals, synths

Hello Cosmos Raise the Dawn [EP] Cosmic Glue 2018 Electric violin

C.A. Sutton Where the Sunshine Lays Self-Release 2018 Viola, violin

Hello Cosmos Dream Harder [EP] Cosmic Glue 2018 Violin, synths

Tomorrow We Sail The Shadows Gizeh Records 2018 Viola, violin, vocals

Georgio Ἥρα (Héra réédition) Panenka 2017 Violin, viola, production

Toby Hay The Gathering Cambrian Records 2017 Viola, violin, cello

Lanterns on the Lake Live in Concert w/ RNS Bella Union 2017 Violin, piano, vocals

A-Sun Amissa The Gatherer Consouling Sounds 2017 Viola, vocals,

Post War Glamour Girls Feeling Strange Hide & Seek 2015 Viola, violin

Marcella Puppini Everything is Beautiful Dead to Me Records 2015 Viola, violin

Tomorrow We Sail The Harbour Self-release 2015 Viola, synths, vocals

Blaney ft. Mark E. Smith Urban Nature Yerrr Productions 2016 Viola

Slamboree ft. Beans on Toast | Death of a Festival Self-release 2015 Violin

Lanterns on the Lake Beings Bella Union 2015 Violin, viola, cello

Tomorrow We Sail & Alexander Cummins Saturn | Gizeh Records 2015 | Viola

Lidwine Before Our Lips Are Cold Self-release 2014 Viola

Aidan Bake | Triptychs: Variations on a Melody Important Records 2014 Viola

Tomorrow We Sail | For Those Who Caught The Sun In Flight, Gizeh 2014 Viola, violin, cello, vocals

Tout Second Trestle Records 2013 Viola

Nadja Flipper Oaken Palace 2013 Viola

Middleman Counterstep Self-release 2013 Violin, viola, cello

Beans on Toast Giving Everything Xtra Mile 2013 Violin, vocals, whistle

Slamboree Cheeky Peepers Rat Records 2013 Violin

A-Sun Amissa | You stood up for victory, we stood... Gizeh Records, 2013 Viola, piano, vocals, perc,

Glissando The World Without Us Gizeh Records 2012 Viola, violin, cello, erhu

A-Sun Amissa Christuskirche Bochum Midira Records 2012 Viola

A-Sun Amissa | Desperate in Her Heavy Sleep Gizeh Records 2012 Viola

Rustle of the Stars Live Sacred Trinity Church Gizeh Records 2012 Viola, vocals

Farewell Poetry | Hoping for the Invisible to Ignite, Gizeh Records 2011 Vocals

R.Knox & F. Oberland The Rustle of the Stars Gizeh Records 2011 Viola, cello, vocals

Tout First Trestle Records 2011 Viola

Tomorrow We Sail The Common Fire [EP] Self-release 2010 Violin, viola, vocals, cello

Glissando The Long Lost/Of Silence Gizeh Records 2010 Erhu, viola, violin, cello

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